Andre Iguodala brings Warriors to NBA finals

Times got rough for the Warriors, but it was then that they turned to Iguodala to set scores straight. Andre Iguodala was thought to very easily become M.V.P. of the NBA finals one more time, which he actually did. It was a tough competition against his teammate Stephen Curry. 

Becoming the MVP player was probably not the main concern of the 32-year-old, but taking his team to the NBA finals was his concern. He is one of the most brilliant players in the NBA, being confident at pretty much any part of the field where he feels needed. 

“I just happen to be one of the guys that can try to fulfill any void a team needs on any given night,” Iguodala acknowledged once. “I’ve been in the league a good amount of time, and I just feel like I have a good understanding of the game and what my team needs for me to bring to the table.”

Oklahoma City coach, Billy Donovan once stated, "The interesting part about him to me is obviously last year he's the MVP in The Finals, but he just appears to be the kind of player that whatever their team needs against a specific series or opponent or player, he's able to try to provide to the best of his ability," 

This truly was an exceptional year for the Golden State Warriors, which ended up closing out the Cavaliers to become NBA Champions for the first time in 40 years. Led by Iguodala, the Warriors took the trophy home and did it against an inspired LeBron James who was not going down easily. The Warriors became the new NBA Champions after six exciting games.

Andre Iguodala is considered the player who did the dirty work to make his teammates shine and take the team to championship glory.