Cleveland Cavaliers' J. R. Smith ejected

For basketball fans, the last season was one full of surprises. Not only some of the best players retired or were transferred to other teams, but also some were ejected during a game. This was the case for J.R. Smith, a player of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

J.R Smith has a reputation of being impulsive during games, but no one expected his reaction during a game against the Golden State Warriors. Some say that this was unjustified and that his reputation as an aggressive defender is what made the officials eject him. If this would have been another player, it wouldn’t have been treated so severely.

The game was not going well for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Smith was the leading scorer at the time with 14 scored points. With 10 minutes left, Smith tried to draw a foul and rammed into Harrison Barnes’ shoulder. Seconds later, he was ejected and sent out off the floor. The ejection didn’t affect the outcome of the game since the Cavaliers were already losing. However, a suspension could seriously endanger the team as they have to face the Brooklyn Nets, the Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Clippers in the next days.

The problem seems to be the player’s past more than his current mistake. Last year, he elbowed Jae Crowded. Two years ago, he was suspended for hitting Jason Terry in the face.

The next few days will determine if J.R Smith will continue playing or he will finish his career earlier than predicted.