Is LeBron James Leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is 31 years old and still playing as passionately as ever in his professional career. He has a legion of fans and there are some who are jealous of his skills and success. There are multiple rumours about the future of his career. Some rumours may be true and it is very difficult to determine the truth.

There is a rumour that James is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers. The reason behind this rumour is another rumour that he may believe that the Cleveland Cavalier organisation and management are taking him for granted.

James left Cleveland in 2010 but management said, “He is back now, but the people should not think that they have stopped him from leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it is his own decision.” This is a crucial time in James’ career as he has stated he always intended to finish his career back in Cleveland. He just didn’t know when it would happen. Now that it has happened he is struggling to make his promises of bringing the NBA championship to Cleveland in his last year of playing basketball.

LeBron James has been leaving tweets and messages on social media that many fans are scratching their heads over because they cannot quite figure out what message he is trying to send. Is he thinking about leaving or is he determined to lead the Cavaliers to an NBA championship this year?

His is the best player among all. According to the best players of the basketball team, we cannot imagine that the best player like James will leave his hometown. He will keep on playing for his land.