Kobe Bryant’s Retirement Tour

Kobe Bryant is one of America’s most loved basketball players. He has won five NBA championships, and has received numerous awards. After his 20th season, he decided that he would retire from sports and dedicate his life to his family.

Bryant is not only a great player, but also a writer. He combined his two passions when he wrote a poem dedicated to basketball that left everyone amazed. Since he did not want to leave the game without a big good bye, he decided that he would make a retirement tour and visit as many cities as possible.

The tour started on December 1 in Philadelphia, his hometown. The next stop was Washington, and then the tour will continue through Atlanta, Detroit, Toronto, Charlotte, and many other cities. The tour will end on April 11, 2016 at OKC.

Kobe has always known his priorities; even after years of basketball, he still considers his family as his top priority. As a matter of fact, in 2000 he refused to participate in a match because he was getting married.

He has always actively tried to inspire young basketball players to pursue their dreams. Kobe began playing basketball player after finishing high school. Kobe’s entire life has been about basketball.

Fans from all over the United States can see Kobe on tour, where he will participate in different events and play a few matches. His professional basketball career may be over but no one knows what direction his career will take over the next few years.