Anna Ivanovic Began At An Early Age, And Is Still A Master Of The Game Of Tennis

The World Tennis Association  ranked Anna Ivanovic at number 7 in 2005, but she rushed to the numero uno position in 2008.  Her adventures with the game began when she was five years old as she watched a tournament played by Monica Seles on the television. 

She got her first tennis racket for her fifth birthday, and she did not pause even after she won  the French Open and the Australian Open in 2008 pushing her to the first position in the game. She showed a lack of confidence in her game, but she has bagged about 15 titles from the WTA Tour, which includes a Grand Slam title.

She emerged as the shooting star in the game of tennis at the 2004 Zurich Open when she was about 17 years old.

 In less than a year, she had made a conquest in the game of tennis having defeated almost all the best players of the time. With her ability to play aggressively with the forehand, she is still one of the best players the game ever produced. She is acclaimed for the serve she makes.

The International Tennis Federation  series in 2004 saw her winning all the events. A series of wins and losses followed over time, and she claimed a lot of awards till 2015. 

These have earned her a lot of endorsements and sponsorship offers. She has been a student of finance at a university in Belgrade besides being a tennis player. She is quite fluent in English, Serbian and Spanish.