Jessica Ennis-Hill Missed Her Commonwealth Games

Jessica Hill, who is a runner that won Olympic Heptathlon gold missed a chance to participate in Commonwealth Championship 2014 in Glasgow. Jessica, 27 years old expressed her apology to the public that she won’t be able to participate in the Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow. She was pregnant for her first baby early in this year. However, she will focus to win gold in the next Olympic game in Rio, Brazil. Currently, she stays at home and waiting for delivery her first baby.

She also missed many games within this year. One of the games is European Championship 2014 held in Zurich. Jessica also was won bronze during the Commonwealth Games in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Nevertheless, she also won gold for her participating in the European Championships in 2010.

She was married with Andy in May 2013, and she is ready to take a responsibility of being a mother soon. She also stated that her plan not running well because she needs to focus more on her family. All the challenges that she got within this year makes her become a tough person in the end.

Merry, who is a friend of Jessica also runner stated that 2014 is the year to take a break from any sport. She also agreed with Jessica’s decision in taking a break from any sports event. British athletes need to face the reality with Jessica’s decision even it is hard for them to let Jessica go. This is because they will miss many championships within this year. Chief executive of Glasgow 2014 has expressed his warm congratulation for Jessica and Andy about that good news.