Makayla Epps scores big-time

Although the Kentucky Wildcats are missing one of their star players, Janee Thompson who is out for the entire season due to a broken leg, they have managed a great victory against Florida this week. Most of it was due to Makayla Epps who cored no less than 20 points for her team, out of a total of 62.

Kentucky (15 - 3) is coming after a loss against South Carolina and the injury of their colleague so this victory is just what they needed. Epps and the entire team felt motivated by Thompson to give the best they have and win.

When talking about Thompson, Epps stated that those were the biggest shoes to fill in the entire team. It seems that now she is wearing the big shoes after her performance and the 20 points run. She continued by saying that it was weird to play without Thompson on guard and to have to look at her on the bench.

Epps had a fantastic night against Florida: she made all of the free throws, 8 in total of which 6 in the last two minutes, she had 4 assists and made 6 shots out of 10 from the field. Epps received a helping hand from Bria Goss who came back to the field after missing the previous 6 games due to injury.

Although this was a team effort and it paid off in the end, however out of all the players on the field Makayla Epps shone the brightest and secured the victory for the team.