Maria Sharapova Continues Her Spectacular Career Debuting At An Early Age Of 14

Maria Sharapova entered the area of professional tennis at a young age of 14 after her enrollment for a professional tennis academy in Florida when she was 9 years of age. She went on to win the Wimbledon at the age of 17 winning against Serena Williams in  2004. Subsequently, she won the US Open , Australian Open and the French Open.  The 2012 Summer Olympic Games saw her winning a silver medal when she made a debut in women's singles.

Sharapova claimed her first professional success with  2003 AIG Japan Open. She went on to be the first Russian woman to hold the Wimbledon title. An injury to her shoulder in 2007 saw Sharapova through a series of losses, but she maintained her position among the best women tennis players by the end of the year. She had a surgery to repair the damage done by the injury in 2009, and this was followed by  a series of wins in 2011 when she found herself among the Top 5.

Sharapova made an Olympic debut in 2012 Summer Olympic games. Sharapova won the silver medal in women's singles. The following years saw through  a series of victory and losses at several different platforms across the world.

Beyond the tennis court, Sharapova is recognised for her beauty all over the world. She endorses many companies like Nike. She had a brief romantic interlude with a basketball player from Slovakia in 2009. The duo announced their engagement in October 2010, but they  broke apart soon after the 2012 US Open.