Maria Sharapova Season Start

Maria Sharapova is much more than a stereotypic pretty Russian with hair like fields of barley and eyes the color of the sea in the Maldives. No, she is also one of the best female tennis players out there, finishing 2014 as number 2 worldwide, with only 1435 points behind Serena Williams. Also she is the first tennis player – female or male – to cross the 15 million followers threshold on Facebook

2014 has been a pretty nifty year for Sharapova, having captured her fourth Grand Slam title and other great titles. Another reason why 2014 was great for her because she ranked second worldwide despite the fact that she missed the last 3 months of 2013 due to injury to the shoulder.

Sharapova had an awesome start this new year/season (2015) winning by far her first match at the Brisbane International. She later commented that it felt good to start the year with such a powerful victory and that she felt revitalized, especially since it’s only the second time she qualified for Brisbane.

The blonde player has taken a humble position however saying that since this is only the first match of the season she anticipates that things will only get tougher. However she is not discouraged.

In 2015 Maria Sharapova’s top priority is not being number 1 – although that is on the list -, but adding more Grand Slam titles to her resume. The gap between her and Serena Williams may become smaller seeing how Williams will not defend her Brisbane title.