Paula Radcliffe Ends Her Career at The London Marathon

Britain’s most decorated marathon runner Paula Radcliffe has retired from the sport. Radcliffe, who is well known for being a fun runner, took part in her last competitive event during last weekend’s London Marathon and even before she started her final competitive race, Radcliffe’s eyes welled while admitting that, “I don’t want to embarrass myself,” but not only did her emotions hold up but body which is fragile also hold up and she managed to finish the race in a respectable time of 2hr 36min 55sec that is five minutes slower than the winner of the event, Sonia Samuels who finished the event with a time of 2hr 31min 46sec.

Radcliffe’s preparation of these years, London Marathon was constantly interrupted by foot injuries and Achilles which meant that she would not be able to run for a period of six weeks. That said Radcliffe removed any rumors that were surrounding her participation in these years London Marathon by stating that, “those questions were answered when I was in Kenya because I tried to run hard, but my body broke down,” Radcliffe said. “I started to train like I’d always train, but I couldn’t stay healthy, so for me that was a sign that it was time to enjoy running.”

Radcliffe, 41, was used to putting in 140 – 150 miles every week during her prime time.

The 41-year old marathon runner admitted that while she will be running for fun, it will not take up all her time. “We’ve got a holiday now which the kids are really excited about and I won’t be packing any training kit,” she said.