NCAA Div. II awards grants for ethnic minorities & women

NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The main aim of the NCAA is to encourage and sustain the wellbeing of its college athletes. It also aims at maintaining long-term success for college athletes.

The association currently has over 1200 colleges and universities as members.

A broad list of people such as college presidents, athletic leaders, faculty reps, health and safety staff and coaches work together towards keeping the college athletes successful both on the field and in their courses and studies.

Collectively, there are more than 4,000,000 college athletes that make a crucial part of this association. The NCAA holds championships - more than 90 every year. These championships cover almost 24 different sports categories and across 3 divisions.

Division I is basically formed of schools and colleges that promise to maintain a very high academic record, which grant the highest number of scholarships. Their subdivision is football and a total of 350 schools make up the members of this Division.

Division II is similar, although 300 colleges are a part of this group; they continuously look forward to maintaining a high standard of student record along with commitment to community service.

Division III is made up of 400 colleges and is the largest division of all. The main focus of this division is academics so athletes are required to practice for shorter times and more time is dedicated to study.

There was a survey conducted by the NCAA in which it was revealed that women and minorities had concerns about the lack of opportunities for them in administration. The ethnic minority is about 7% across all divisions. It was in response to this that NCAA awarded the internship grant to encourage more opportunities for ethnic minorities and women.