Three athletic college scholarships for high school students

When you are in high school, choosing a college is a very important thing. As an athlete, you want to be sure that you will have the chance to pursue a career and use your talent, but the fees are very often not affordable. The only solution is a scholarship, something that will give you the chance to go to the college that you want even if you are not financially stable. Here are three athletic college scholarships:

  1. Paul Flaherty Athletic Scholarship. If you are a high school senior and you participated in sports events, you have a good chance to apply for this scholarship. You need to be an above average athlete and student and have notable results in at last one subject. You also have to present three letters of recommendation from professors or teachers and a coach. A very important part of the application process is the essay; you have to write a composition with the title “Why I Want to go to College”.
  2. SportQuest Scholarship. A $6000 scholarship is available if you have a GPA of at least 2.0 and have notable results as an athlete. You are also required to present an essay about your future.
  3. CIF Scholar Athlete of the Year. To obtain this $5000 scholarship, you have to be a great citizen and an outstanding student. Besides good school results, you have to demonstrate your performance as an athlete, your character and good conduct. One single negative comment on your school record will completely ruin your chances. The more varied your portfolio is, the better, because colleges are usually looking for students with experience in various niches.