What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

If you want to start a college career playing a sport, the NCAA is the place to start. The NCAA is the National College Athletic Association, an organization which sets rules (made by members) to make college sports a safe and competitive environment. If you decide to become a student-athlete, the NCAA will have your back, both as an athlete and as a student.

The NCAA administers 23 sports which comprise 88 championships. Students submit their proposals to the Eligibility Center to be accepted to participate in sports activities regulated by the NCAA.

There are certain requirements to being accepted as an athlete/student; that is, to become eligible. Both Divisions (I and II) require the student to be enrolled in at least 16 core college or university courses. Students are given a list of what the minimum required courses are. These courses have been approved by the NCAA as applicable to the academic requirements.

Besides this, students should present corresponding test scores and a core-course GPA. Some of the requirements may change by 2018. 

The Eligibility Center will review all these requirements and determine if the student is a suitable candidate to play a collegiate sport. The registration takes place online and students provide personal as well as academic information and submit it to the NCAA for review. 

The NCAA recommends a student start their registration process during their junior year of high school. However, some students start their registration when they enter their first senior year, which is acceptable.

The NCAA Eligibility Center works hard to promote future college student-athletes at the top of their performance both in school and athletics endeavors.