10 Exercises to Do On Your Office Desk

These days, people are so engrossed in their work routine that they don’t have time to plan a workout regime. Here are a few exercises which you can do on your office desk and remain fit.

•Do a 60 second football drill.
•While on your seat, pump your arms over head for 30 seconds and then rapidly tap feet on the floor. Repeat this 3-5 times.
•Walk quickly in an empty hall or a conference room.
•Take stairs instead of elevator.
•Do at least 20 desk push ups for strong arms.
•Sit up straight and try to touch shoulders. Repeat.
•Walk during lunch, buy a camera and walk around taking pictures to make it interesting.
•Avoid emails to the guy two aisles over – just walk over to his seat.
•Stand on one leg straight and try to touch your butt with the other.
•And remember, we don’t count walks to vending machine.