3 Simple Pregnancy Exercises

When expecting it is important that you keep on moving, in fact it has been proven that pregnant women who exercise have more energy, tend to experience less back pains and in addition to that they also have a better body image during the pregnancy. To top it all off pregnant women who exercise usually return to their pre-pregnancy shape much faster as compared to those that do not exercise. In this article I will be sharing with you 3 simple pregnancy exercises that you should be doing. That said do check with your doctor before starting any of the exercises below.

1. Plie
Ensure that you are standing parallel to the back of a study chair. While doing this also ensure that the hand closet is perfectly resting on it. Check on your hip distance and ensure that your feet are parallel.

With your knees and toes positioned at a 45 degrees angle, pull your belly button in and up. Next bend your knees, while doing this ensures that your knees are bent as low as you can while enduring that your back is straight.

2. Side-Lying Inner and Outer Thigh
With your head supported by your forearms lie on your right side. This you should do while position your right leg at an angle of 45 degrees. Your left leg should remain straight. For stability, take your opposite arm and place on the floor. Take your left leg and lift it till it reaches the height of your hip.

3. Planks
Planks are simple just get down on your hands and knees then slowly lift your knees while straightening your legs behind you to the point at which your body forms a straight line. This should be done with your wrists directly under your shoulder.