5 Gym Rules That You Must Obey

Exercising in very important. Still, the best way to achieve this is going to the gym. Just one hour there has more benefits that exercise the whole day at home. Also, every gym has a professional of two, so you won’t make mistakes. When you exercise at home, mistakes are possible. However, there are some rules you must obey.
1.    Safety first. Always be on alert when you are at the gym. There are many things that can happen to you. Some of them you can cause, but some can be caused by other people. If you see that some accident may happen, react. 
2.    Cleanliness is very important. Always wear a towel with you. If you are a big sweater, then it is even more important. Always wash your hands after you go to a bathroom and wipe the equipment when you are done.
3.    Give space to others and require enough space for you. When you are exercising, you need a 2-3 foot radius, so you can perform exercises correctly. If someone is passing by, often, ask him not to do this. Also, avoid passing too near people who exercise. 
4.    When you are done with an exercise, but you used additional equipment or weights, return them to their place. It will take you only a couple of minutes. Yes, they are heavy, but if you could move them in first place, you can return them back.
5.    Make sure that you don’t block others people view of a mirror. You want to look yourself while exercising, but other people like that as well. It is rude and it is something you should avoid.