Best yoga workouts for toned legs

There are many yoga poses that one can do to tone their legs. Hold each position as long as you can and keep breathing. The breathing helps maintain oxygen levels in your blood and keeps your energy up.

  • Warrior III

The warrior III pose helps tone legs, together with the core muscles or abs.

Firstly, stand up straight with your feet together, then slowly lift your right leg backwards, pointing your toes. Put all your weight on your left leg. Now slowly stretch your hands forward, put your palms together and put your head down in a way that your right leg, arms and head are all in a straight line. It’s important that your body is aligned that way. Continue to breathe normally and feel the pressure that goes to your core muscles. Keep your face down and don’t bend your back, keep it straight as well. Knees need to be tight, no bending there! Hold on as long as you can, then slowly return to standing position.

Repeat this pose, alternating the legs for a few times, every day of the week.

  • Downward Dog

This yoga pose is perfect to tone your legs (and can be done, for added benefits even during your period!)

Start by getting on all fours on your yoga mat or on the floor. Breathe in deeply and as you breathe out go into the normal downward dog position, like a pyramid. Keep your knees and arms straight and push your butt up. Relax now, face downwards. Breath in again and as you breathe out, lift one leg up, as high as you possibly can and keeping it straight. Lower the leg slowly and alternate the pose with the other leg.