Exercise for a Beautiful Body Posture

The Universe has everything for its living being. People say” God Has Made Every Human Being” but seriously it is not right. Every person makes his own body as per their eating habit which may lead to serious problem in future. Have below multiple exercises in your routine to make major changes in your body.

  1. Avert muscular contractions

The muscles are the most impacted when standing and sitting in wrong postures. For example, while back is protruded on sitting bent, certain muscles are strained over others causing pain in joint areas. This further boil to irregular functioning of the joints and permanent misalignment, if no care is taken on time.

Thus, a proper muscle alignment means when you keep a vertical scale behind, the shoulder blades and your hips must touch it only with a slight arch in between so that you look, tall, slim and fantastic irrespective of whether you are fat or slim. The chin can be kept a slight tilted so that the ears are aligned to the middle shoulders and tummy must be tucked in to have the perfect position. Also, sitting in a wrong position in front of the computer not only harms the eyes, but also causes muscle tension as the joints cannot converge together in improper postures.

The exercises to improve posture definitely focus on the spine, shoulders, hip which define a good posture. A new redefined posture is possible with repetitive performance of these exercises for 10-15 minutes every day.

  1. Back pain diluter

The spine rest on the back hence a strong back can lay a foundation to a better posture. Hence, stay face down on the fours, lift and stretch your left leg out and balance the same with the right hand stretched out while exhaling. Try to stay put in the same position for 10-15 seconds and repeat changing the sides.