Exercise to lose Arm Fat

Losing fat or weight from your body is a task which everyone wants to do. Exercise is not the only factor that helps you lose fat. There are some other factors apart from exercise like

Calorie Intake: Calorie consumption has to be less to lose weight. A good suggestion would be reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories a day which will amount up to 3500 calories a week which is equivalent to 2 pounds of weight loss.
Ban Junk Foods: Banning or avoiding foods high on unhealthy salt and sugar is very bad. So cutting this will make you see a drastic difference. 
Water: Staying hydrated is a key. It is believed that 85% of the human body is made up by water. So drinking plenty of water can help.
Breakfast: Many skip breakfast assuming its one of the easiest way to skip meals but skipping the first meal of the day will make you eat more when you have the next meal.

Some exercises that can help you shed excess fat are: 

Pushups: Pushups are one of the best exercises to tone those arms and to strengthen the core. If you can't do full push up, you can start off with knee pushups and then proceed to normal one. 

Opposite Leg and Arm Lift: This is one of the best exercises as it toned both the arm as well as the leg muscles. It also perfects your posture and enhances balance. You do this exercise by getting down on all fours with your knee directly below the hips and palms below your shoulder. Now raise one arm and the opposite leg at a time like raise your left leg and right hand at the same time. Create tension by flexing your foot and hold this position for a few seconds and get back to the start position and repeat with the other hand and leg. Repeat it for about 20 times on both sides.