Exercising Muscles for Better Fat Burning

You can't burn body fat by doing the same set of exercises every day. There is no way you can expect results by doing Pilates daily expecting to lose weight. It not only applies for Pilates but any other form of exercise as well. If you are doing the same exercise daily and expecting to lose weight, then it’s basically a waste of your time. So here are some tips which can help you reduce fat.

They key to burning fat is keeping your body confused as much as possible. You can achieve this by finding a program which makes use of muscle confusion. When you start confusing your muscles, you will see more fat loss happen over shorter period of time. Your workout plan should be divided into different days with each day concentrating on different body part. One day you can work on your upper body and the other on your lower body and continue so on. This will make your body guess and it will keep giving you constant results. To achieve this, you need to have a daily schedule to keep yourself accountable and organized. You can schedule a workout plan and set goal on how much weight you want to lose within a given date and try achieving your goal day in and day out. You can write down your daily exercise for each day and keep changing it week by week. You can also ask your friend to help you out so that they can keep you accountable. You can ask them to check whether you did your scheduled workout for the day.