Browns set to start Tyrod Taylor

The Browns will go into the season with their 29th starting quarterback in 20 years-Tyrod Taylor. After speculations whether No. 1 draft Baker Mayfield was going to take away Taylor's job, Coach Hue Jackson said that Taylor is the one more likely to start in Week 1.

This is important to Cleveland as they started the season with a solid idea on this important position. During the last two decades, the Cleveland Brown have always speculated about the quarterback position.  Most of the time, they position a rookie too early or they wait too long.  

"I don't necessarily view myself as a bridge quarterback. I'm a quarterback," Taylor told reporters back in March when he was presented as Cleveland's new QB. "As far as a bridge, hopefully I'm helping 'bridge' this team to a Super Bowl."

When it comes to starting quarterback, Taylor has the experience. He earned a Pro Bowl in his first season with the Buffalo Bills in 2015 and his numbers have been comparable ever since.  

"I'm going to continue to keep pushing, continue to keep working the way I do — ready to take my game to the next level," Taylor told reporters as OTAs opened two weeks ago. "I've been able to take steps in the right direction each year that I've been able to play the game. So I'm excited about the opportunity that I have here. There's so much talent on this team and guys that are in the right mindset."

Taylor has one more year of contract with the Browns, which might add a little more motivation to up his game given that Cleveland might not re-sign the veteran for a new season.