Controversy over Tyrod Taylor’s Benching

The Buffalo Bills could not have foreseen the consequences when they benched their starting quarterback despite having had a solid play. Coaches have the authority to make changes, but timing is important. Making changes too early or too late in the season could cost the team the championship and that is the case when Buffalo Bills played the Saints in NFL week 11. Tyrod Taylor had a poor performance in the previous week against New Orleans; coach McDermott benched him and chose rookie Nathan Peterman who threw five interceptions.

Taylor’s Poor Performance in Week 10

During week 10 of the NFL playoffs, Taylor had a poor performance with an interception and only going 9/18 for 56 yards before he was pulled. However, going into week 11, Taylor had a solid performance but the decision to bench him to replace him with NFL rookie, Nathan Peterman, did not sit well with a section of the Bills fans and players. Despite the poor performance, Taylor has had a solid play with ten touchdowns, 1,600 passing yards, and only three interceptions in the year. Analysts point out that changing the starting quarterbacks this far into the season was not a wise move.

Peterman’s Poor Start in the NFL

Nathan Peterman was a fifth-round draft pick from Pittsburg and threw five interceptions in two quarters in his first NFL career start. His final stat line was at 6/14 passing for 66 yards, and Bills Coach Sean McDermott benched him in favor of the experienced Taylor.

The Buffalo Bills are in a wild-card position with just seven games remaining in the regular season, and this is their first time at the NFL playoffs since 1999. It is not clear what McDermott’s strategy is, but with the benching of Tyrod Taylor, Peterman will start the remaining games unless there are other changes. The Bills have been wildly inconsistent, and the benching of Tyrod Taylor in favor of the rookie Peterman does not help make matters better.