Former Dallas Cowboys Great Troy Aikman Reaps Millions

Former Dallas Cowboys great Troy Aikan has something to smile about as he just reaped millions of dollars. So how exactly did he get this millions that he now has? Well according to Aikman, he was able to cash out a huge sum of his shares that he was owning in Wingstop, which was based in Dallas. On Friday, the shares rose by an impressive 61% on its first day of trading and Aikman was among those who actually benefited greatly from this rise in shares price.

Although reports have it that he has reaped lots of money, he is yet to confirm the exact amount of money that he was able to reap as well as how big his stake was in the company. That said its good to note that he did reveal that the ownership was actually way higher if compared to what he actually made in his early years at the NFL.

The relationship between Aikman and Wingstop actually started a long time ago. Back in 2003, Aikman actually endorsed Wingstop and that particular time it had only 133 restaurants that had been initiated.   

While speaking about the deal that he inked with Wingstop after retiring back in 2014, Aikman said that it was simply a “natural fit.”

“At the time I was signing the deal they had a valley ranch training facility, and most of the time I was bumping into a number of teammates,” he said.