Hall Of Fame Should Consider Steve Tasker, Kent Hull - Bill Polian

Bill Polian, former Buffalo Bills general manager believes that Steve Tasker, former special teams captain for the Buffalo Bills as well as Ken Hull, the team’s center need to be considered for a position in the Hall Of Fame. 

Polian made the comments last week during a conference call. Here is what he said. “Those two will be the ones that I go to immediately.” He went on to add that, “When it comes to special teams player, then Steve Tasker is without a doubt the best that I have ever seen. Kent on the other hand is one of the most respected and feared player in the NFL and just in case you had any doubts, just go and ask anyone in the entire league about Kent and you will be told the same thing. Throughout the season Kent has also proven to be a leader and sometimes carried the leadership mantle with him very well. He is incredibly talented.”

Bill Poliman has proven his worth in the NFL and that’s why he will be indicted in the Hall of Fame come next month. Poliman believes that his success at Buffalo Bills was largely thanks to the team that he had and in particular both Tasker and Hull.    

“I think Steve Tasker and Kent Hull deserve to be indicted in the Hall of Fame. I do understand that the electors have to do what they have to do but in an event that I was asked who are the guys from the group who also deserve to be here, then I would say those two as they are just too good at what they do.”