Ron Gronkowski: Fit to Play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 4?

The Patriots is one of the leading teams in the National Football League with millions of fans not only in the country but also abroad. One of their main players, Rob Gronkowski, suffered a serious concussion in the first half of the match against the Jaguars after colliding head to head with Barry Church. As a result of this unfortunate event, the Patriots were awarded a 15-yard penalty that they capitalized on to win the first touchdown of the match.

The hit took a toll on Rob who was unable to regain his footing and appeared dazed. Unfortunately, the team’s medical team could not clear him to continue with the game but the gallant Patriots still managed to win the game. At that time, Gronkowski’s participation in the Super Bowl was unclear and most fans were concerned that the team would lose if he was not cleared by the medical team to participate.

Luckily, on Thursday, exactly two days before the match day, a number of tests were conducted by the medical team and Rob was cleared to participate. The news that 265 pound professional and most celebrated Patriot’s player would take part in the Super Bowl surprised many especially critics who thought that he would not participate in the match.

Speaking to journalists before the game, Gronkowski said that he was confident that he would pass the head concussion protocol tests and thanked the medical team for their unrelenting efforts to get him back on his feet ready to face the Philadelphia Eagles. This was the first time that Gronkowski spoke to the media about the five-step concussion protocol that he had to go through before being cleared to participate.