The Canadian version of American football

We all know how good American football players are, so we think that there shouldn’t be any sort of competition when it comes to this sport.
Still some of you probably didn’t hear about the Canadian version of this sport because it is really the lesser-known.
So when we think about it, we are not sure whether Canadians should really do anything serious about it, because let’s face it Americans are the best, so you cannot (you can always try) to compete with that.

And on the other hand Canada is already obsessed with hockey, so we are pretty sure that there is no place for their version of American football.
But let’s not be that cruel, because there are probably some people who are actually curious about this sport and want to know more.
So if you are that type of person who likes to know everything and now wants to know everything about the salaries of players, or team earnings or any kind of news about it, you can always check Canadian Football League or shortened CFL to find out more.

We have made some calculations and compared CFL and NFL (which maybe wasn’t such a good idea) and realized that annual TV revenues would be approximately around 30 million dollars for Canadians and around 5 billion dollars for Americans, quite a difference?

Still we have to be optimistic about it that because despite some statistics Canadian version of American football is in really good condition. And we wish them lots of luck in the future.