The Patriots Are In More Trouble

Despite everything the New England Patriots are going through, things just got worse. Today, they had no choice but to let go of Brandon Spikes. Brandon Spikes was one of the best linebackers for the Patriots, and he is someone the quarterback depended on all the time. 

However, Brandon Spikes’ car was found abandoned on a highway. All of the details have not been released yet. However, things are not looking good for Spikes. Just for him not contacting the authorities and leaving the car abandoned is a charge in itself. There are also rumors that there may have been drugs and/or alcohol in the vehicle. 

Though no hard evidence has come forth, the Patriots could not take the chance of keeping Spikes with everything else they have going on. This is especially due to their loss of two draft pick and one million dollars. 

A few teammates spoke and stated that Brandon Spikes is a great athlete and a great person. They talked about how Brandon liked to joke a lot and how he was never a bad influence at all. 

The coaches, however, believe Spikes should have had better judgment. Regardless of what happened, he should have called the authorities. Not calling the authorities makes him look absolutely guilty. 

Brandon Spikes himself did not speak out yet. However, sources say his agent and his lawyer will be giving statements soon. All Patriots fans are concerned about Spikes because of how great he is on the field. Fans know no one can replace Spikes.