Amputation for Giants player Jason Pierre-Paul

Several weeks ago, the player removed the bandage from the amputation and showed it to the world for the first time.  The amputation was a result of a firework accident that happened back during the 4th of July celebrations.  He was admitted for surgery and his index finger was removed on July 8th.  The New York Giants have not signed him up yet for the present season.  If no deal is closed with Jason by Nov. 17th, he will become a free agent. Pierre has stated that the loss of his index finger will in no way affect his game and tweeted: “I can't think of the last time my index finger got me a sack”.

The Giants have not ruled him out! Defensive end Robert Ayers expressed that a return of the Jason Pierre-Paul would not be a surprise. “You know, I think you can play with no fingers at all in my personal opinion. You’ve seen guys play with big casts on their hands, literally, so it’s proven. Is it a bonus (to have all your fingers)? Yes it is. But is it impossible to play with no hands? No. You’ve got people doing things today that are unspeakable. You’ve got guys running in Olympics with no legs. You’ve got guys doing all types of things,” Ayers said.

The first photos of Pierre’s amputated finger were published exclusively by the New York Daily News on Sept. 17th. Since then, Jason has gone to social media to prove fans that he is still in good shape by posting videos of himself working out and proving he is still a great athlete. According to reports, during this month, the team will reevaluate Pierre’s condition and make a decision. When asked whether Pierre will be playing this season, a high-ranking team official replied, “We don´t know.”