Danny Harris

One of the best athletes of his times, Danny Harris, born on September 7, 1965 in Torrance, California is America’s 400 meter hurdles former runner. He still holds the current World Junior Record with the time of 48.02 which he made at the age of 18 in 1984. Danny also earned silver medals at 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles and 1987 World Championships.
Danny Harris proved his running skills to the whole world when in 1987; he overpowered Edwin Moses (his rival) who had been unbowed since 1977.  Indeed talented man! Again in the same year he was about to crush Edwin Moses at the World Championships, but this time fate was against his and Moses walled his award by 2/100 of a second. Danny just missed it!
He essentially began his course as team member for All-League for his Perris High School in California. Then, his talent got him recruited to Iowa State University on the basis of his football scholarship. His talent got him limelight as he secured a place in 1984 US Olympic team and afterwards bagged a silver medal at the Los Angeles Olympics in the 400m Hurdles.
In the continuing years, Danny broke World Junior Record, accepted All-American honours 12 times, received Big 8 Championship titles sixteen times in 400m hurdles, won NCAA Championships three times and received silver medal at 1987 World Championships. Recipient of Triple Crown in 400m hurdles is currently a Personal Trainer.