Evgeni Plushenko & multiple medals

If you are passionate about ice sports, for undoubtedly have followed the career of Evgeni Plushenko. He is one of the most important and talented ice skaters in the history of the sport. Every time he stepped onto the ice he created miracles and thrilled audiences. He is currently owns the record for most Olympic medal: he has four!

He started training when he was just 4 as his mother believed that this is the best way to keep him healthy. When he was 11, he was forced to move to Saint Petersburg to train under the close supervision of a great trainer. He won his first competition when he was only 14, the World Junior Championships 1997. In 2000, he won his first World Title, and in 2006 he became an Olympic Champion.

In 2010, after taking a break from his career and getting back to his old coach, Evgeni set a world record in the European Championship competition, and again a few months later in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

In 2011, he was named on the Russian team that was supposed to compete in the 2012 European Championship. However, he was not prepared to compete due to a medical problem. In 2012, he won his seventh European title, the third man in history to do so.

Only two years later, Evgeni retired from competitive skating due to ongoing medical problems.