Five of the fittest male athletes of 2015

In order to choose the fittest male athletes, you will really need to judge more than just one thing. You will need to look at endurance, stamina, strength, mobility, and flexibility. Based on these aspects, these men are judged to be the five fittest male athletes for 2015.

Novak Djokovic, Professional Tennis Player: He does many things to keep himself fit including warm-ups of high strength stretches, plyometrics, balance training, yoga and more. He has also been the U.S. Sports Academy’s Male Athlete of the Year twice.

Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer: His fitness training consists of work-outs 6 hours each day, 6 days each week. He swims, does land training, weight training and more. He is known as the U.S. Olympic team’s youngest player at 15 years old.

Usain Bolt, Olympic Sprinter: Bolt does back and core exercises for an hour and a half a day, leg extensions, reverse crunches and more. He has earned the Jupiter Award for working with Jamaica’s United Way.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Professional Boxer: His work-outs consist of shadowboxing, sparring, neck workouts, and other muscle-building exercises. He won his first championship belt at the age of 21.

Roger Federer, Professional Tennis Player: Federer does weight training, muscle training, upper body strength training and other fitness activities. He was ranked second by the Association of Tennis Professionals.