Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Shu-How Lin is a professional American player related to the sports of Basketball playing for the team of Los Angeles Lakers in NBA. He was born in the state of California in the areas of Torrance and was raised in the family of Christians of Palo Alto. His father named Lin Gie-Ming and mother Shirley Lin migrated from the state of Taiwan to the States in the middle of 1970s, first settling in the regions of Virginia before traveling to Indiana, where the couple attended Universities. There are dual citizens of Taiwan and the States. Lin’s father side family arrives from Beidou, Taiwan and Changhua when his mother side grandmother migrated to the state of Taiwan in the former 1940s from the Zhejiang present in the mainland China.

Both the Lin’s parents are of 5 feet 6 inch tall. His mothers side grandmother’s family was all tall, and her father being over 6 feet tall. Josh and Joseph are his older and younger brothers respectively. Gie-Ming makes their sons gain the knowledge of basketball at the YMCA local ground. Shirley aided him to build a National Junior program associated with Basketball in Palo Alto where he learned the sport in order to become a professional player. She worked with the coaches to assure that his game does not degrade his performance in academics. Her relatives and friends for allowing Lin to play Basketball more often criticized her; rather she should allow Lin to play the sport he enjoyed.