LeBron James on a social call to Manila to inspire Filipino basketball players

The Cleveland Cavaliers star is off to Manila, on a mission to motivate young Filipino basketball players and inspire them with his story.

Growing up, LeBron James always believed he would become what he is today and he knew that the only way to get there was sheer hard work, many sacrifices and just plain love for the sport. He loved basketball so much that he didn’t let anyone deter him from his path or discourage him by saying he couldn’t accomplish his dream.

LeBron’s story speaks for itself and wants to share just that, as he relates to these young Filipinos. He had a humble beginning himself and was raised by a single mother – life was tough, but he persevered. Coming from a familiar background, even these “Rise kids” need to make a lot of sacrifices and work hard to come out of adversity with basketball.

They are not just any kids; the young basketball players are finalists of a Nike-sponsored reality show called "Rise," that is targeted at discovering the best basketball players in Philippines, typically from the countryside, and to help them hone their talent.

Philippines is a country where the love for basketball is seen clearly in every town and village – you will find a basketball court in each.  It is LeBron’s second visit there. When he went the first time, he was still playing for the Miami Heat.

The four-time NBA MVP is truly altruist in nature; just last week he declared a college scholarship program for young kids in Akron, Ohio – which is incidentally his hometown. He said it "feels great to be able to be someone that people look up to, to be able to accomplish more."