LeBron Wins Every Game Of Basketball Thanks To His Expertise At Passing The Ball To His Teammates

Born in Ohio, LeBron James displayed a passion for basketball from his very infancy. His mother let him play with a hoop and a ball at that time, and it proved to be the beginning of a basketball champion. LeBron took to the game, and it stuck with him till it pushed him to a zenith.

LeBron found an exhaust for all the frustrations and embarrassments that penury brought on him in active sports. He developed a passion for basketball and football. LeBron developed himself into an accomplished sportsman. He had an alacrity with the ball that was unmatched. He formed an ideal in Michael Jordan. He developed a knack for basketball as he learnt the values of cooperation and teamwork.

LeBron was quite good as a receiver when he played football. This was how he came across Frank Walker, his coach. But LeBron soon began skipping his regular studies. Enquiries from LeBron's mother revealed the child needed a more static environment than what his home could give. LeBron began to live with his coach and his family.
AS a member of the National Basketball Association (NBA), he plays for Cleveland Cavaliers. He has two Olympic gold medals at the London Games played in 2012 and Beijing games in 2008, besides a bronze medal for the Athens Olympics in 2004. He also has two NBA championships in 2012 and 2013  to his credit besides a host of other awards.

He ranks as one of America's most popular athletes with a host of endorsements to his credit.