The Mighty Ducks and Their Amazing ComeBack

Two periods had past and the Nashville Predators were leading. Hopefully, they were going to subdue bad karma and gradually step back atop the NHL standings. They were close to clutching that victory.

Incredibly, the Anaheim Ducks did not find that idea favorable. Anaheim scored four goals in 12:39. It was incredible! In 13 minutes the whole playing field changed and it placed Nashville Predators on the losing end and the Anaheim ducks as the winners. They stole the game!

The Predators come out strong but go down weak eventually. That will cause them havoc every game. At least that was the follow through on both this game and the one on Saturday vs Los Angeles kings.

This is the Ducks 11th win while behind in the first two periods. The Ducks coach, Bruce Boudreau said, “It makes life a little easier when you believe you can do it.”

“It’s like momentum wave when we get the lines going like that,” Said Thompson. He was the forward who kick a goal to break the tie with only 10:09 left. Thompson continues, “You could see it in the third period. We just have to be sure to sustain it throughout the game next time.” The fan base for the Anaheim Ducks probably agrees whole heartily with that statement. Not a minute later and they scored another goal!