Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a professional golfer and was the first African-American to win the US masters challenge at a young age of 21 years. Born in Cypress, California on Dec 30th 1975, Woods won his first mega challenge in 1997 in Augusta with a ground breaking score at the age of 21. In 2009, he took a short break from golf and rejoined in 2010. However, during this time, his personal life went for a toss and he lost most of his edge during this period. He was named as the highest paid athlete for a period of almost a decade and in 2012 after winning the AT&T National, he became the second highest golfer in the PGA wins – a spot that was held by Jack Nicklaus for a very long time.

Woods started showing signs of proficiency for the game at an early age of 8 years. He was mentored and tutored by his father who was also an American army officer. Woods studied at the elite Stanford University and won many golf titles at an amateur level before becoming a professional in 1996. His moment of glory came in the year 1997 when he won the U.S. Masters in Augusta with a whopping score of 270. The following years marked and sealed his career in golf as more and more success followed him. He won many titles including the US PGA, US Open, three US Masters victory and three titles for Open Championships.