Top suggested nutrition tips for Athletic men

Athletes need more of nutrition as compared to others as they need to exercise and work out throughout the day. So, they must take a diet which is highly nutritious and keep the few tips in mind while eating food.

Take food which is high on carbohydrates and they act as the main fuel component in our body. Carbohydrates gets changed to glycogen, which is form of sugar and takes stored in the human muscles. During exercise, the body makes energy from the glycogen. Keep a complete cut on the intake of sugary foods as they would result in speeding up the process of dehydration from your body. Go for less refined carbohydrates like carrots which provide sufficient nutrition along with the proper amount of carbohydrates.

Increase the intake of proteins up to a certain limit but avoid excessive intake. As proteins don't contribute towards the fuel of the body, they just make our muscles more stronger. Drinking milk is proven to be best food to recover faster after an event as milk supplies proteins and casein to the body which are helpful to the growth for muscles. A certain amount of calcium is also present in milk. Eat foods such as meat, fish which are high in proteins.

Drink excessive amount of liquids after regular intervals as the intense exercise would lead to dehydration of the body. To keep your body hydrated and healthy, take liquids often.

Avoid all the foods which contain saturated fats as they are too heavy for the intake in the diet on the day of event