Unexpected loss for Koe’s curling team at Pyeongchang

In a rather unexpected turn of events, Canada left the winter Olympics in PyeongChang without a medal in both men and or women curling. Kevin Koe‘s rink lost 7-5 to Switzerland in the bronze-medal game. For team Koe, the score was their second loss of the competition to Switzerland. On Day 14, Canada blanked the first end, which was a huge improvement over the round-robin encounter between the two sides when Switzerland scored four in the first end. The Swiss again got on the scoreboard first with a steal of one in the second end.


The Canadian skip missed on the double takeout attempt and Schwarz’s successful draw with the hammer put Switzerland 4-2 going into the halfway point of the draw. Canada looked to turn the tide in their favor but an excellent draw to the button with Koe’s first shot resulted in only one point. Koe missed several times in the seventh end, and he unlocked the door for Schwarz to draw for two points leading to a 6-3 to the Swiss advantage. The Canadians then narrowed the score to 6-5.


Add two points for the Swiss in the ninth end, and it would have dealt a final blow, but Canada held Schwarz to a single, to regain hammer in the 10th end down by a pair. However, the Swiss continued to be ruthless as they have been during the competition in that 10th end, and neutralized Canada’s comeback endeavor before Koe could even pitch his final stone.