What to know about Andre de Grasse and Eric Lamaze

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games held a surprise for many. Veterans were toppled by underdogs, which added to the Olympic spirit. The 100 and 200 meters splints are always the events packed with anxiety, pressure, and glory. Usain Bolt is always the favorite to carry home the gold. The Rio Olympics had underdogs who had the world transfixed on their prowess as they battled it out at the highest level in the world. Andre De Grasse and Eric Lamaze are Canadians who left their marks in the games.

Andre De Grasse

He is a 21 year-old Canadian who could be the next greatest splinter in the world after an impressive show at the Rio Olympics. The Canadian bagged a silver medal in the 200m final and two bronze medals in the 100m and 4X400 meters relay, after Bolt clinched the gold medal in his usual style in the 100, 200, and 4X400 meters relay. De Grasse made his Olympic debut at the Rio Olympic Games and is being considered to be a contender for gold in Tokyo 2020.

Eric Lamaze

Born on April 17, 1968, this 48 year-old is a member of the Canadian Equestrian team in show jumping. The 2008 Olympic champion won a bronze medal in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. During the individual finals, Lamaze jumped clear in the two individual finals qualifying him to join the jump-off of six horses in contention for the individual medals. Lamaze and his horse Fine Lady 5 earned four faults giving them the individual bronze medal despite being the fastest after knocking down the penultimate fence.

These Canadians gave it their all and did their country proud. The Olympic Games demands the best, and this was what they offered. Canada, thanks to these two Olympians, put Canada on a pedestal as a serious contender in a variety of sports.