25.4 Million Viewers viewed Women’s Soccer World Cup, 2015

Almost 25.4 million spectators witnessed the glorious victory of USA’s Women Soccer team over Japan in the Women’s World Cup final game past week. The finale match was a record breaker for the US ratings for the soccer game. 

The final tussle that took place on Sunday was watched by 25.4 million viewers and the result ended in the favor of US women soccer team. They won by a score of 5-2 against Japan. While US team was busy in winning the game, there was another record in progress as the viewer tune-in was almost 88% higher than the average coverage of the same teams in the 2011 for FIFA women’s world cup. 

The record was groundbreaking than any other previous coverage that took place. With the USA’s victory of 5-2 over Japan, certainly the Women’s World Cup team has set a higher benchmark for the sports telecast in USA.