Basketball team New York Knicks reaches its 60th loss in NBA

This season, Chicago Bulls make it look easy again when they’ve been put against Knicks, handing New York its franchise-record 60th loss as well. During the last match, players like Nikola Mirotic and Pau Gasol had remarkable performances on the field. And so, at the end of the match, the score table proved the crushing victory of Bulls, who won 111-80 to Knicks.

Unfortunately for Knicks, the loss chain didn’t break, since they’ve lost their 7th match in a row, also being the 14th in 16 games. New York’s Langston Galloway declared that he can’t say nothing about that, “All I can control is playing hard”. Even though, Jimmy Butler scored 18 points for Chicago, Mirotic was the one to close out an amazing March, finishing 5 points shy of his career high. Meanwhile, Gasol reached his league-leading 48th double-double, contributing to Chicago’s 5th win out of 6 games.

On the other hand, the Knicks are staying optimistic. Cole Aldrich said firmly that “The biggest mindset is just to not give up,”. After all, it’s not easy to keep strong after yourrival points out the difficult times you have in your career. Gasol’s words on Knicks’ coach Derek Fisher “It must be a struggle for someone that was such a successful basketball player for so many years.” were seen by some disrespectful.

The season is not over yet, it’s up to Knicks to change their strategy before disappointing even more of their fans, who still believe in them.