Courtney Force Speaks of Motivation, Team Work and What Keeps her Active

Courtney Force is royalty as far as drag racing is concerned as she is the daughter of none other than John Force, one of America’s greatest names in the field of racing. Courtney along with her siblings Ashley and Brittany had followed their father into the professional world of racing. What has ensured Courtney’s success in the sport is her teamwork efforts and abilities, which have gone a long way in securing a firm foundation for her as far as a future in professional drag racing is concerned.

Courtney Force has now managed to have superseded her sister Ashley who made a fantastic name for herself in drag racing but who has now officially retired from the sport. When asked about the kind of advice that she would have to shell out to young girls in high school who were looking to make it big in the world of sports, Courtney said that she would definitely urge them to practice hard and hone their skills as best as they possibly could to gain an edge over other competitors in the field. She spoke of starting out as an enthusiastic cheer leader before progressing to more the more technical aspects of sporting activities.