Justin Gatlin Takes Shots at Usain Bolt

2014 was possibly the best year for American sprinter Justin Gatling.  But even after going through an unbeaten season where he dominated the world of sprinting, Gatlin believes that it would have been better if the world's greatest sprinter, Usain Bolt, was there to witness the whole thing.

Bolt's absence in much of 2014 didn't give Gatlin an opportunity to compete with Usain Bolt. That said, Gatlin’s appetite to compete against Bolt is larger than ever.

While speaking at the 121st Penn Relays in Philadelphia, Gatlin said that, "I think my year was a great year, " he added that, "I had an undefeated season. I think if you look back, the last undefeated season was 2009 by Usain and before that it was me, in 2005. So me and him are the two guys who need to clash and when that happens it will be big."

The question on whether or not Gatlin will be having a good season in 2015 as he did in 2014 is up for discussion given that Bolt and a number of we'll known Jamaican sprinters like Johan Blake will be making a comeback. Gatlin, 33, also noted that fact by stating that 2015 will bring with it a high level of competition.

When confronted about the possibility of him meeting up with Bolt and Blake this season, Gatlin laughed then later stated that, "I just prepared myself for a season to be able to clash with Usain or Yohan at the top of their game," said Gatlin. "You know I don't want to come out half stepping. So I just used that as a blueprint going into this season and hopefully I'll have the same season."