Manchester Unite must take Adidas and Nike kits on pre-season tour in the US

Manchester United are forced to take both, Nike and Adidas kits on pre-season tour, because their supplier doesn’t let them exit the deal early. Due to this, Red Devils must take kits from both suppliers during their tour in the US this summer. The current supplier is Nike. Their contract will end in three months. As you may remember, it was signed in 2002 and the value was £303 million! Now you see why Nike doesn’t want to end this deal before it officially ends!
Even better deal is between Manchester United and Adidas. It will start on 1 August and it has a value of unbelievably £750 million! This deal will last 10 years. Even if Red Devils decide to end their contract earlier that that, they won’t be allowed.

Nike were disappointed to lose Manchester United. Things are even worse that Adidas is new supplier, the Nike’s fiercest rival! This is the reason why Nike doesn’t want to end their deal early. In that case, Man United will parade through America advertising Adidas.
The main shirt sponsor, as you saw, Chevrolet, is disappointed that Manchester United chose America for their tour. According to the original plan, they should go in China. Many, almost every supplier and manufacturer is trying to advertise their products to the Chinese market, because it is the fastest growing market in the world. Chevrolet is owned by General Motors. They wanted to roll out sponsorship events with Manchester united stars in China. They want to improve their car selling in that country.