Winning Makes Jorgensen Look Very Guilty

Gwen Jorgensen recently won her tenth triathlon. This took place in the beautiful city of London. Jorgensen was more surprised than many people in attendance that she got her tenth straight win. She was more surprised that the managers of the triathlon made her take a drug test. 

This was not just any ordinary drug test. This was a test that took almost four hours. The reason authorities gave was because of athletes around the world who win over and over again. A lot of these successful athletes have been found to have some type of drugs in their system. 

Jorgensen took this test with no hassle at all. This is because she knew she had nothing to hide. She does not have any drugs in her system and she does not use any type of illegal substances. She is also against people who do use drugs and illegal substances and try to be professional athletes in today’s world. 

After the drug test, Jorgensen told the price that the drug test was amazing. It wasn’t the physical test that was amazing; it was the fact that the test took longer than the actual triathlon. This made her think about maybe going out for a different career, but this is the career she loves the most. The press asked her if she is going to continue pursuing more triathlon wins in the future. She said she would like to pull off more wins, but she does not want to be drug tested for it.